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Xinova Develops Smart Tattoo

Xinova Develops Smart Tattoo

By • on October 20, 2016

The Financial Review website reported that Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) signed a multimillion-dollar deal with innovation specialist Xinova to help it find and solve complex problems faced by the livestock industry. Xinova brings together a network of 10,000 experts from more than 100 research institutes, universities and companies with diverse

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Innovation, Connected: NASA

Innovation, Connected: NASA

By • on October 19, 2016

The Forbes website reported that NASA scientists are working to introduce the open innovation approach to multiple problems affecting not only space travel,

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Open Innovation

Societe Generale Opens Up

Societe Generale Opens Up

By • on October 14, 2016

The Financial website reported that Societe General was ranked top among digital banks and financial institutions. It was chosen for its original open

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Creating an Innovation Culture

The MalayMailOnline website noted that not a single company in the world owns more than 1 per cent of global hi-tech knowledge. Collaboration with outside groups such as complementary businesses, universities,

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Deloitte: Open Innovation Success Rate 3 Times Higher Than In-house R&D

The Knowledge website reported that the knowledge intensity and speed of biotechnology has shifted the locus of innovation to a network rather than within any single firm. This is causing pharmaceutical

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Innovation Begins With Open Practices

The Opensource.com website noted that today’s firms all face increased competition and dynamic markets. Yesterday’s big bang can easily become today’s cautionary tale. Strategically,

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Barclays Financial Services Hackathon

The Finextra website reported that Barclays Bank sponsored a major hackathon. A Barclay spokesman said: “It’s about our staff co-creating solutions with external teams; coming together for 36 hours

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