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City Innovation –Lessons from Torino

City Innovation –Lessons from Torino

By • on December 2, 2016

The Manila Times website reported that what made Torino successful was its ability to collect innovative ideas because of the strong concentration of highly educated people, competencies, resources, and networks. Recognizing this, the city developed the Torino Social Innovation (TSI), “a multi-stakeholder platform involving 40 public and private organizations

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Open Banking Bandwagon

Open Banking Bandwagon

By • on November 29, 2016

The RTN.Asia website reported that Wipro Limited has launched offerings that use the Open Banking API technological platform. Open Banking platform is

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Open Innovation

AES Launches Open Innovation Contest

AES Launches Open Innovation Contest

By • on November 29, 2016

Businesswire reported that the AES Corporation announced an open innovation contest targeted at improving the safety and increasing availability of power

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A Guide to Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing

The Amazon site reported on the book, “A Guide to Open Innovation and crowdsourcing”, noting that the model of industrial innovation has moved on from an inwardly focused, vertically integrated

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Open Innovation: 2 approaches towards value creation

The Imaginatik website noted that Open Innovation is designed to engage folks “out in the world” in a way that adds value to everyone involved. There are two approaches to do so: 1. Exploit OI as a

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A Global Start-up Network

The Medical Plastics News website reported that a networking space, designed as a venue for collaboration between start-ups, industrial companies and partners from the global innovation ecosystem Cube

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Canada to Reinvent Dairy Products Thru Open Innovation

The Wisconsinagconnection website reported that Agropur Cooperative, in partnership with the Quartier de l’innovation de Montreal, AgBioCentre and NineSigma, have announced the launch of Inno Challenge,

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