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How Is the Internet Doing?

How Is the Internet Doing?

By • on February 25, 2017

The Forbes website posted an article reporting on the Mozilla Foundation’s release of the Internet Health Report, a forty-pages document giving a broad evaluation of the Internet’s condition. The report found that “open innovation on the Internet is threatened by bad policies, the devaluation of common standards, and the fragmentation

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Higher R&D Not the Answer

Higher R&D Not the Answer

By • on February 23, 2017

An article on TheWire website noted that while much has been made of intellectual property rights in recent times, open innovation models could actually

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Open Innovation

Collaborative Working in Farming

Collaborative Working in Farming

By • on February 22, 2017

An article on the FarmingUK website noted that agri-tech giants like Bayer are embracing open innovation, both within their own businesses and throughout

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How TomTom Opened Up for Innovation

The MIS-Asia website reported that TomTom Telematics has built an ecosystem of third-party developers, delivering additional features to customers across a range of industries. A few years ago, TomTom

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Success to Innovation

A blog on the Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation website noted that although the current open innovation being practiced still weeds out false positives, it also enables the recovery of false negatives,

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Chesbrough: “An Exciting Time for OI in the Energy Sector”

The InnoEnergy website posted an interview with Henry Chesbrough, “the father of open innovation,” in which he discussed how open innovation applies to the energy industry.  While the energy

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Influence of Industry on the Implementation of OI Practices

The Doria.fi website posted a study which is an analysis of Open Innovation (OI) at the level of industry. The purpose of the study is to analyze interdependencies between the type of industry and implementation

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