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Innovation Management

Innovation Management

By • on February 21, 2019

A new book, “The Routledge Companion to Innovation Management,” has a chapter on Open Innovation, “A conceptual comparison of open innovation and several similar innovation models”. The chapter discusses collaborative innovation, network-based crowdsourcing, the modes of open innovation, two modes of technical innovation, the

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Future Foods Accelerating Impactful Innovations

Future Foods Accelerating Impactful Innovations

By • on February 19, 2019

The Food Navigator website noted that Future Foods is an ecosystem that aims to make food innovation a key tool to tackle the great challenges of the future:

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Open Innovation

Managing for Ambiguity

Managing for Ambiguity

By • on February 18, 2019

The Stanford Social Innovation Review website noted that a recent evolution in in innovation—from a closed model to a more open one—is in the process

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6 Ways to Reinvent Your Business Model

The Irish Tech News website noted that in 2019, technology has evolved so much that it’s very much a case of adapt or die for all businesses. If you feel as though yours has fallen by the wayside recently

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Bank Leumi on Creatively Solving Problems in a New Way

The  Jerusalem Post quoted a spokesperson for Bank Leumi who noted that “innovation is a very broad area; innovation in the financial industry stems from both ‘internal innovation’ and ‘open

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Developing New Open Business Models

The Sage Publication website reported on a study which noted that companies can create value by effectively applying and managing open business models. The study used examples from Unilever to show how

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Embracing Digital Disruption

The Auto Components website noted that open innovation as a concept is not new, but it is rarely prevalent in the automotive industry. With open innovation, problems and challenges of certain kind get

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