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Challenges and Perspectives for Science and Research in the EU

Challenges and Perspectives for Science and Research in the EU

By • on October 18, 2019

The Baltic Course website reported that one of the main components of the emerging European Open Science is open innovation. The article noted that open innovation focuses on new business models and funding schemes to be developed so that everyone, particularly the industry and citizens, have access to knowledge and are able to use innovation workflows

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A Clarion Call To Innovate

A Clarion Call To Innovate

By • on October 17, 2019

The Asian Scientist Magazine noted that ideas are in abundance if you only know where to look. As companies seek to gain a competitive edge in their respective

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Open Innovation

By • on October 15, 2019

The Asian Scientist reported that Health Food Matters, a Singapore-based food company, churns out wholesome meals, food products and beverages that provide

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Four Skills For Successful Open Innovation

The Asian Scientist website reported that rather than depend solely on its own strengths and resources to innovate, organizations are beginning to realize the benefits of partnering with external collaborators

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Advancing Open Innovation Teaching

The Proquest website described a study which noted that the existing Open Innovation teaching programs are rather limited and the tools and methods applied are not yet widely discussed in business and

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A Process View and a Framework of Open Innovation in SMEs

The ProQuest website posted an article which is a research-in-progress outcome of a large-scale study of  open innovation in European SMEs. The study presents a process model of an open innovation in

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Open Innovation in Family Firms

The Emerald Insight website posted a study whose purpose is to shed light on how family firms execute open innovation strategies by managing internal and external knowledge flows (KF) to provide a deeper

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