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Escaping the Commodity Trap

Escaping the Commodity Trap

By • on April 25, 2017

The Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation posted a blog which noted that the amount of time a product lasts in the market before a new and improved one takes its place is shrinking. As a result, even successful products can expect to enjoy an advantage in the market for a shorter time than in the past. Companies need services to grow and develop competitive

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A Dynamic Business Model Framework

A Dynamic Business Model Framework

By • on April 19, 2017

A post on the Blog of the Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation discussed different types of business models: “Mom and Pop” operations; organizations

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Open Innovation

Rothamsted Open Innovation Forum

Rothamsted Open Innovation Forum

By • on April 18, 2017

The FarmingFutures website posted a summary of the Rothamsted Open Innovation Forum held in the UK this past January. The forum was designed to accelerate

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Sanofi Feeds on the Scientific Richness of Boston

The Quebec Telegram website reported the development of Sanofi, a major life sciences firm in Boston. In 2011 the company completely restructured its R & D laboratory and converted it to the “open

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Open Innovation 2.0

An entry on the Irving Wladawsky-Berger blog described what it characterized as “Open Innovation 2.0.” Open innovation 2.0 is now emerging, blurring the lines between universities, industry,

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How to Connect IP Management to Open Innovation

The Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation posted an article which noted that in the earliest phase of the technology lifecycle, it pays to be very open. As the dominant design emerges, tightening the

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Placing Users At The Core Of Innovation Strategies

The Forbes website posted a review of the book Revolutionizing Innovation: Users, Communities, and Open Innovation. The book includes 25 original contributions providing an extensive view of user and open

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