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How Amazon Turned Their Services into a Platform

How Amazon Turned Their Services into a Platform

By • on May 25, 2017

The Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation website posted an article which noted that it is not safe to rely on only excellent service to sustain your competitive advantage as a services provider because competitors will learn from you. A more robust approach is to turn your service into a platform for others to build on. Amazon is a great example

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The Creative Potential Of (Some) Outsiders

The Creative Potential Of (Some) Outsiders

By • on May 24, 2017

An article on the Forbes website reported that research and professional experience in open innovation models suggest that creative breakthroughs often

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Open Innovation

The Forefront of Health Technology Innovation

The Forefront of Health Technology Innovation

By • on May 22, 2017

The Newswire website noted that what if researchers, physicians, engineers, patients, students, equipment vendors, and public health system stakeholders

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Honda Embraces Open Innovation

The Nikkei Asian Review reported that the proudly self-sufficient Honda Motors is now reaching out to partners in artificial intelligence and autonomous driving to keep up as new technology alters the

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Fuelling the Knowledge-Driven Economy

The MalayMailOnline website reported that we see more and more corporate R&D labs opening their doors, collaborating with suppliers and customers, sharing software code with programmers and tapping

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Working With Your Competitors

The University of Calgary website posted a new study from the Haskayne School of Business which examines 20 years of ‘open innovation’ in the Canadian energy industry. The authors found that

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Coming Waves of Disruption

The Sys-Con Media website noted that big disruptions have upended markets for mobile handsets, personal computers, cameras, newspapers, books, magazines, music, broadcast television and so on — felling

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