Rethinking Higher Education Business Models

By • on April 6, 2012

The Center for American Progress website published a study on the great challenge facing higher education today: to contain costs while at the same time improving outcomes—in short, to increase productivity. Information technology has long been seen as a major key to meeting this challenge, but the results thus far have been disappointing. The authors argue that the fault is not with the technology but rather in the ways it has been deployed. Information technology’s potential to dramatically improve the performance of higher education will be realized only when new business models arise to harness it. Especially promising are open, multisided, and unbundled models that involve facilitated networks. Over the last few decades, many universities and their funders  have taken major steps to harness the power of open innovation through public-private research partnerships, research parks, and shared research infrastructures.

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Image via Flickr.

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