A Strategic Design Guideline for Open Business Models

A Strategic Design Guideline for Open Business Models

By • on September 8, 2020

The International Journal of Automation Technology posted a study which noted that to realize a competitive product-service system, a manufacturer is required to change its closed business model and develop open and sustainable alliances with external partners. As an alternative business model, an open business model (OBM) is a new concept, replacing

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6 Ways to Reinvent Your  Business Model

6 Ways to Reinvent Your Business Model

By • on February 15, 2019

The Irish Tech News website noted that in 2019, technology has evolved so much that it’s very much a case of adapt or die for all businesses. If you feel as though yours has fallen by the wayside recently and has failed to keep up with changing markets and consumer tastes, it might be time for a reinvention

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Escaping the Commodity Trap

Escaping the Commodity Trap

By • on April 25, 2017

The Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation posted a blog which noted that the amount of time a product lasts in the market before a new and improved one takes its place is shrinking. As a result, even successful products can expect to enjoy an advantage in the market for a shorter time than in the past.

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Crowdsourcing Is the New Black

Crowdsourcing Is the New Black

By • on March 31, 2017

The ITWeb website noted that when it comes to innovation, tapping into the collective intelligence appears to be the way forward. Companies that are able to harness the potential of crowdsourcing and open innovation set themselves up for immense opportunity and possibly even becoming industry leaders.

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How to Connect IP Management to Open Innovation

How to Connect IP Management to Open Innovation

By • on March 24, 2017

A blog on the Garfield Center for Corporate Innovation website noted that in the earliest phase of the technology lifecycle, it pays to be very open.  Neither you nor others know yet the best use of a particular technology, and no one has an appropriate business model to commercialize any applications

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