The 12 Disciplines of Consistently Innovative Organizations

By • on August 13, 2018

The Innovation Excellence website noted that there are certain common disciplines that seem to mark the most consistently – and successfully – innovative companies. The article identified twelve disciplines that businesses – if they are to be consistently successful at innovation and market leadership – must develop and use persistently. One key discipline is sourcing their insights and capabilities far and wide from the outside. There are all manner of crowdsourcing campaigns, tournaments, and other venues by which businesses can tap into the “wisdom of the crowd” to uncover significant new opportunities – opportunities they otherwise had been overlooking, largely on account of industry myopia.  Similarly,  in the twist we now know as Open Innovation,  there have to come to be a broad range of platforms and venues by which new relationships can be brokered between those who need access to certain capabilities (technologies, service methods, market channels, etc.), and those who supply such capabilities.

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Image via Flickr.

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