With Whom and How SMEs Share Their Open Innovation Journey?

By • on May 8, 2020

The University of Brighton website posted a research study aimed at defining patterns of successful pathways in open innovation (OI) journeys of SMEs. The main findings up to this point indicate that from the total range of twenty-four possible OI moves, only ten are really important for OI journeys and in particular four play a major role in SMEs’ OI journeys: collaboration with R&D service providers, with complementary partners and with customers and users, all of them associated with knowledge outflows. These four OI moves that play a major role have a mutually reinforcing effect, with a virtuous cycle leading to more success over time. Recognizing OI as a sequence of related decisions provides a richer and more refined picture of how OI is successfully practiced by SMEs so as to deliver value for them.

Click here to read the abstract of the article.


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