By • on February 28, 2015

The Business Ghana website announced the Negawatt Challenge, an open-innovation competition that will leverage a variety of cities’ rich ecosystems of innovative entrepreneurs and technology hubs to surface software, hardware and new business solutions. Together, these components – and the innovators themselves – are capable of transforming

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Open Innovation meets the Collaborative Economy

Open Innovation meets the Collaborative Economy

By • on April 21, 2014

The P2P Foundation blog posted a call for papers on “The City as a Lab: Open Innovation meets the Collaborative Economy” for publication in  the California Management Review. The blog notes that under the growing pressure on municipal infrastructure, a new breed of smart cities are looking

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What a City Needs to Foster Innovation

What a City Needs to Foster Innovation

By • on January 20, 2014

The Quartz website reported that once upon a time, innovation was an isolationist sport. In America’s innovative economy 20 years ago, a worker drove to a nondescript office campus along a suburban corridor, worked in isolation, and kept ideas secret. Today by contrast proximity is everything.

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ESADE: Making Cities Smarter

ESADE: Making Cities Smarter

By • on October 15, 2013

The Science Business website reported that two new projects are working to get Europe’s public authorities to embrace open innovation. ‘Open Cities’ and ‘Commons for Europe’, coordinated by ESADE Business School in Barcelona and part-funded by the EU, aim to encourage local authorities to

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